Raphael Rebibo is an author, director, producer, distributor

In his youth with René Attias, who later became the designer and manufacturer of several brands of watches in Paris, he led a small amateur theater troupe at the Bialik home in Casablanca where he staged the plays he adapted biblical stories such as “Mordecai et Esther“, “Le Jugementd’ Andreyanus“, “Hanna et ses sept fils“.

1970, 1970, graduated from the Institute of Cinema and Photography in Jerusalem (direction and production class, with Prof. Benyamin Koretzky and Dr. André Kaminski as teachers) where he wrote and directed three C-M.

Short films
Written, directed and produced:
Le Laitier 10’ • Le Coursier 15’ • Le Repas du soir 5’ • Le Sculpteur 4’

Les enfants du raisin 10’                                                                                                  

In Geneva, he lived and worked as a set photographer, assistant cameraman, cameraman and executive producer.

Television Series (produced by Telvetia Geneva and Telfrance Paris)
Still photographer, assistant cameraman
Un soir chez NorrisL’Inconnu du vol 141Une fille comme les autres Le temps de vivreLe temps d’aimer • Christine Les enfants des autresLes dessous du cielTyphelle et TourteronLe chirurgien de Saint Chad

1973, he produced (executive producer) the first feature film by Igaal Niddam, Le Troisième cri, a Swiss film, Emeraude de Dinard (Grand Prix du Festival International des pays Francophones) • 1974, executive producer and cameraman Les Divorcés ( Le Haut Mal) a Swiss feature film by Louis Grospierre, produced by Jean-Louis Misar and Telvétia Geneva. 1975, he wrote, directed and produced The Arrest (La Bulle) a Swiss film, Golden Dove Award (Grand Prix du Festival des Ameriques 1977). This film received rave reviews throughout the Israeli press. • 1984, he wrote and directed Edut Me’Ones (Forced Witness) an Israeli film, produced by The Cannon Group, with one of the country’s biggest stars, Anat Atzmon. • 1989, he wrote, directed and produced (executive producer) A Place by the Sea (Makom L’Yad Hayam) a cult Israeli film with Anat Zahor and Alon Aboutboul. • 2016, he wrote, directed and produced Amor, with Martine Fitoussi as Associate Producer, cast with Liron Levo, Or Ilan, Anat Atzmon and Dan Turgeman.

With Régo Films in Lausanne, Gelfand Films in Israel and Idéal films in Switzerland, he has distributed several films in Switzerland and Israel including “Padre Padrone” by the Taviani Brothers, Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival; “Papa es ten voyage d’affaires” from Emir Kusturica, Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, a film that opened the Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland; “Do you remember Dolly Bell?” by Emir Kusturica, Lion dOr de la première oeuvre du Festival de la Mostra de Venise; Yes, Giorgio, produced by Métro-Goldwyn-Mayer (the only film with Pavarotti as the main role).

He has written more than thirty screenplays, including:
Habreha (Heb) • Hapakad (Heb) • Hahaguiga (Heb) • Hayom o Majar (Heb) • Monday to Friday • The Saxophonist (Heb ) • The Arrest (La Bulle)A New Life • For One One • Sex and Love in The Bible • Forced Witness (Edut Me’Ones)Via Istanbul (Fr, Eng, Heb) Behind the scenes A Place by the Sea (Makom L’yad Hayam) • Lune d’Argent (Money Moon) • CALEA (Cry for The Moon) • The Brazilian Bee • It happened on a Sunday • The Nepalese • VM (Mortal Virus) 5 star hotel (Five Star Hotel) • Le Soleil de Nora • Boxi-Club (Fr, Heb) • Bac Plus • Amor (Fr, Heb) • Born to sing (Nolda Lachir) • Les Filles de Carla (Nessia Hazahar) • Al Bosco • Feng-Po-Po • Le Duc

At the age of 19, he took part in « Operation Mural 1961 », the rescue of 530 Jewish children smuggled out of Morocco to Israel via Switzerland.

Member of A.R.P, Unifrance, Académie des Cesar, SACD, and la Cinémathèque Française and the Jerusalem Cinematheque.